Centre for Solar Energy (CSE)

The Centre for Solar Energy (CSE) is a dedicated and specialized Centre, striving towards the advancement of the solar energy sector in India. It is involved in myriad functions such as techno-economic and resource assessment, preparation of solar roadmaps, incentive structures, model tariff, etc. The Centre is actively engaged in guiding both the corporate and government sectors through various stages of project development for different solar technologies, right from the conception stage upto post-installation certification. Proactive consultancy provided to various solar power projects has made the Centre a strong advisory force to reckon with.

A Solar Consultant, Solar Energy Consultancy


The Centre for Solar Energy (CSE), in co-ordination with other specialised centres of WISE, aims in facilitating the specific needs of the solar sector in the country. The services offered by the Centre are:

  • Core consultant: Radiation and site sensitivity analysis, technology selection, feasibility study/DPR preparation, bid document preparation, detailed engineering, plant performance analysis, etc. 

  • Owner’s engineer: Technical, financial and legal advisory services for selection and execution of projects through proper bidding procedure and negotiations. 

  • Peer reviewer: Review of the reports prepared by other consultants to provide second opinion to the developers/investors/financial institutions/bankers, etc.

  • Lender’s engineer: Support financial institutions and banks during due-diligence procedure to evaluate DPR/feasibility report submitted by developers/investors for availing loan and certifying progress of project to enable released of loan installment. 

  • Government consultant: Advisory support to government ministries and agencies on solar road map preparation, policy formulation, regulatory facilitation, imposing green cess, incentive structure, tariff structure, scheme implementation, etc. 

  • Provide consultancy support for tendering procedure, bid evaluation and project implementation.

  • Prepare detailed project reports, tender documents, and detailed financial modelling for the solar projects.

  • Assess solar energy resources to obtain solar grid and off-grid potential, and prepare solar roadmap for different states in the country.

  • Document global best practices in solar energy policy and technology deployment, assess their suitability to the Indian environment and advocate their implementation in the country.

  • Develop state-wise profiles for rapid deployment of solar energy wherever possible.

  • Facilitate human resource development in the solar energy sector through curriculum development and training.

  • Carry out research and objective-oriented studies to cater to the specific unidentified needs of the solar sector in India.

  • Offer consultancy services to entrepreneurs, developers, industries, institutions, government agencies, regulatory commissions, etc., for the growth of the solar energy sector.